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"It's so nice I want to live here." - Alistair Fraser, The Telegraph

Relaxing, all year round,

child, toddler, & baby friendly holidays

in breathtaking Cornish surroundings

Terms and Conditions

  1. I understand that bookings can only be effected by returning the booking form accompanied by a deposit of 10% of the total rent due. The remainder is payable 8 weeks prior to arrival. Please check availability before completing the booking form.
  2. In the event of cancellation you will be liable for the total amount. However we will endeavor to relet your cottage and if this is possible we will reimburse you 75% of the total price plus the surety. We do advise that you take out Holiday Cancellation Insurance as a safeguard.
  3. The proprietors reserve the right to refuse any booking or to cancel any bookings already made subject to refunding any sums you have paid without further liability on your behalf.
  4. The proprietors reserve the right to terminate your stay if you or members of your party are believed to be causing a nuisance to the other guests or are not treating the property with due respect.
  5. I undertake to leave the cottage and contents clean and tidy on vacation (You will be charged if the cottage is left in an unacceptable state and requires additional cleaning). I understand I will be charged for any items missing from my cottage even if they have been moved to another cottage (this includes any kitchen items).
  6. I agree that neither Glynn Barton nor any persons in their employ will be liable for any loss, damage, sickness or injury howsoever caused which may be sustained by me, or any member of my party, or any person who I might invite(In non-compliance with item 7) to the cottage and grounds of their property during the period booked.
  7. All facilities at Glynn Barton are for the use of guests only. Glynn Barton is a private complex and no visitors of any kind are permitted to use the facilities(including the Car Park). This is for security, insurance and Health & Safety reasons.
  8. Bookings are for a minimum of one week’s duration from 4pm on the day of arrival to 10am on the day of departure. Short breaks can be arranged at a minimum of 75% of the weeks rent subject to availability.
  9. The proprietors reserve the right to enter the property during your stay.
  10. Smoking or vapour sticks is strictly forbidden inside the cottages, swimming pool, games barn and all indoor areas.
  11. I agree to all rules regarding pool safety (see “Swimming Pool Rules” below) and will make sure that all my children are aware of them – they apply to Adults too!! All use of the swimming pool will be ended if your children do not appear to be properly supervised at all times. Children must not enter the pool area unless accompanied by an adult. No person, whatever their age should at anytime swim unaccompanied.
  12. The proprietors reserve the right to cancel any booking if it subsequently transpires that the above mentioned conditions have not been observed.
  13. I undertake to ensure that all members of my party are aware and comply with these conditions.

Swimming Pool Rules – Important Notice for Parents with Children Under 16 years
You will be aware of the dangers inherent in swimming pools and therefore will also appreciate the need for rules and safety procedures which must be followed and enforced at all times. These rules are expected by Health and Safety Authorities to be in place and acted on and we face closure if they are not.

Please read the following very carefully and make sure that your children are aware of them. Some of them apply to Adults too!! We will unfortunately have to end all use of the swimming pool if your children do not appear to be properly supervised at all times.

  1. Children under 16 must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.
  2. Children must always be in sight of the adult responsible.
  3. The responsible adult may supervise no more than 3 children at once.
  4. In the case of non-swimming children they must always be within arms reach and have one adult per child.
  5. It is not acceptable for the supervising adult to be engrossed in reading or any other activity or in any area other than the immediate surroundings of the pool.
  6. Running, diving, jumping, bombing etc. are not allowed.
  7. No glass or crockery is allowed in the pool area.
  8. The sides of the pool surrounding the deep end slope steeply – there is a picture of the pool profile on the wall – please take the time to familiarize yourself and any children you are responsible for with it.
  9. Inflatables of reasonable size are allowed but we do ask that other pool users be considered when using them.
  10. The pool doors must be kept locked at all times when not in use. Keys are on your cottage key ring.
  11. The entrance doors must be kept shut at all times while the pool is in use – we can be closed down by Health and Safety if they find open access to our swimming pool
  12. No one may use the pool alone.
  13. No smoking is allowed in the pool or the surrounding area

It might appear that we would rather that children did not have fun in our pool but we can assure you that this is not the case. For years children have had a great time swimming at Glynn Barton and we do wish it to continue – SAFELY!

Pippa & James