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"It's so nice I want to live here." - Alistair Fraser, The Telegraph

Meet Willow and Billy

the mischievous

and loveable family goats!

Meet Willow and Billy, the mischievous Goats

The latest addition to our animal Blog comes from Billy and Willow the mischievous goats…

Hello, and thank you to everyone who visited us for their February Half Term holidays. It was really lovely to see you all and great to meet so many new families! It’s been a long winter and we have to admit we were beginning to get a little lonely on our own. We’re very sociable, excitable animals and don’t handle being on our own very well… in fact we were so excited about meeting the Glynn Barton guests we got a little bit carried away and began to rodeo poor Rodney. He didn’t seem to mind too much but we just couldn’t contain our enthusiasm.


The children were very kind to us, they fed us lots of fancy goat feed – it looks just like Muesli and it’s delicious. When it comes to food we’re very well behaved and can eat straight out of the children’s hands. They were also very good at preparing our hay. It’s what we eat most of the time and the children very kindly helped Steve and Shirley to put it in a net for us. For pudding we were able to find some brambles to munch on. Yum.

Once feeding time had finished the children enjoyed tickling us behind the ears. And there’s nothing better than a tickle behind the ear! It’s quite possibly one of our favourite things in the world… that and dandelions!

After that we had a little run around the field for a bit before retiring to our hutch for a little snooze. It appears the excitement had all got a little too much for us this week.

Steve has just told us that there’s lots more families coming for the Easter holidays which has given us something to look forward to… and we’re already planning some mischievous pranks to keep Shirley on her toes! Here’s some of our memories from the recent half term holidays, hopefully we can see you soon too.

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