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"It's so nice I want to live here." - Alistair Fraser, The Telegraph

Relaxing, all year round,

child, toddler, & baby friendly holidays

in breathtaking Cornish surroundings

Green Tourism

Our Green Tourism Policy

Glynn Barton environmentally friendly holidays in Cornwall, with a unique and beautiful place set in the Glynn Valley “an area of outstanding natural beauty” We have 13 acres surrounded by stunning woods and fields which are packed full of plants and wildlife.

At Glynn Barton we are committed to protecting our environment by constantly striving to minimise our environmental impact. Our aim is to ensure long term sustainability and to act responsibly to ensure the preservation of the natural beauty of the site, its’ wildlife and plant life, to minimise use of fossil fuels and water and to reduce the amount of waste generated which cannot be recycled.

As guests of Glynn Barton we ask you to support us in protecting our environment by acting responsibly and helping us implement our initiatives listed below:

We provide all the facilities in our bin room for our guests to separate their waste and we ask for all rubbish to be separated and disposed of in the correct way in our recycling bins. We are committed to reducing the waste we produce that goes to landfill sites to an absolute minimum.

Lighting and Electricity
We have installed 10 kw of solar panels, LED & low energy light bulbs where ever possible and timer controls on all outdoor communal lights. We ask our guests to always switch off all lights when not required; to switch off TV’s, Videos and DVD Players, not leaving them on standby and to use low temperature dishwasher and washing machine programs.

Tumble Dryers and the Local Wildlife
We encourage the use of our tumble dryers to be kept to a minimum and have installed a coin meter to try to discourage unnecessary use. We donate all the funds collected to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.


We have invested heavily in Bio Mass to produce carbon free heating to the whole site Cottages, swimming pool & farmhouse.
We ask our guests to manage their central heating responsibly and to always make sure that it is switched off at night and when they are out.
Our Swimming Pool uses “Heatsavr”, a non toxic biodegradable heat saving liquid Solar Blanket, which reduces evaporation saving up to 40% of energy and water in heated pools.

Cleaning Products and Bin Bags
We have replaced all detergents and cleaning products with eco friendly equivalents which we use to clean the cottages and which we provide for our guests use. All bin bags are biodegradable within.

Water and Water Buts
We have our own Water Supply which is entirely free of chemicals and we ask guests to use it responsibly. The Gardens have been planted with plants that are suitable for the local environment and need no additional watering. We have also installed water butts around the site to collect rain water for pot plant watering.

Tree Planting
In the last 10 years we have planted over 1500 trees, hedges and shrubs.

Nappies, Nappy Sacks and Baby Wipes
We sell and encourage the use of Moltex Nappies and Biodegradable Wipes and Nappy Sacks. Nearly 8 Million Nappies are thrown away everyday in the UK and it is estimated that it could take hundreds of years for the plastics in the Nappies to breakdown. Moltex Nappies are manufactured with more than 50% renewable resources from controlled cultivation and are proven to break down in around 8 weeks. They are made using no chlorine or bleaching agents in the manufacturing process meaning less pollution and making them much kinder to a baby’s skin.

Baby / Child Equipment
We provide cots, highchairs, bed guards, toddler beds, listening baby monitors, plastic crockery and cutlery and stair gates as well as a huge selection of toys and other entertainment to minimise the car load.

Glynn Barton Cottages has a no smoking Policy in all its cottages and facilities.

Supporting Local Business
We have a shop supplying local produce from Cornwall and Devon and also promote a host of other local businesses from restaurants to bike hire helping to support the local economy. When out and about please buy gifts and produce locally from locals.

No Need to Get in the Car
For the last 8 years we have worked every year to develop our facilities and everything that we have on offer for you to do at Glynn Barton. We hope that you will find that there is no need to get in you car everyday as there’s so much to keep the whole family happy on sight.

Out and About
When out on your travels around Cornwall try to reduce your footprint. Be sure to pick up and take all rubbish with you. Use recycling facilities wherever possible. Try to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Use public transport where ever possible. We can provide information on local ferries, bike routes, buses and trains.

Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project
We are now members of the Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project (COAST) who work with everyone involved in tourism and its many, (many!) related industries (from cake-makers to photographers, recycling collectors to beer brewers) in Cornwall to ensure tourism delivers social, economic and environmental benefit to Cornwall, as well as a fantastic holiday for all our visitors.

What Next
At Glynn Barton we realize that Sustainable Tourism is an evolving process and we will continue to strive to improve our environmental impact and policy.

Green Tourism Business Scheme
We are members of the Green Tourism Business scheme and are at present waiting for our appraisal and credentials from the Green Tourism Business Scheme.