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"It's so nice I want to live here." - Alistair Fraser, The Telegraph

The charming life of chickens.

Join Steve & Shirley on their morning rounds!

Charming Chickens…

The charming life of our chickens…

Summer has well and truly arrived at Glynn Barton Holiday Cottages in Cornwall and we chickens are having a cracking time. We’ve been lucky enough to have had lots of lovely children come to visit us, and the morning animal feeds are always something to look forward to.

Chickens at Glynn Barton Holiday Cottages in Cornwall Daily animal feeds at Glynn Barton

Shirley and Steve arrive every morning with a whole bucket full of our feed, and a small group of children on their holidays. Firstly, they take the goats into the other pen whilst we’re fed, as they can get a little playful and try to steal our food occasionally. Once they’re well out of the way, the children come in to greet us. They’re always very friendly and intrigued by our strange ways. Apparently children use their hands to eat, which seems rather crazy to us chickens – we’d much rather have a good peck with our mouths.

Glynn Barton Chickens Chickens at Glynn Barton

Still, they soon adapt to our thinking and very kindly scatter food for us – some of the braver children let us eat out of their hands and we’re always very careful to be gentle around them. We have a great feast and once out tummies are well and truly full, Shirley and Steve take the children to collect our eggs. We’re very proud of the number we manage to lay and the children always look very excited when they pick the eggs up. Apparently, they can actually buy chicken eggs from the shops – but we can’t see why anyone would bother when we chickens are so happy to lay them directly for you – and they do taste a lot better. One little boy put his egg in his pocket, my experience suggests that’s never a great idea – but they don’t seem to listen when we cluck and tell them.

Toddler friendly holidays with animals Child friendly holidays in Cornwall with animals

Once they had collected all the eggs, Shirley and Steve handed them out for the children to take home and cook. A rather strange tradition, but they seem to like it!

And then we’re left to, once again, enjoy the peace and quiet of a lovely, relaxing summer at Glynn Barton Holiday Cottages.

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