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"It's so nice I want to live here." - Alistair Fraser, The Telegraph

Glynn Barton Cottages ahead of the times

Not just talking of being Green

Being Green

Biomass Boiler System Fully Running

DSCF1206IMG_0357Biomass has now been up and running since the end of March. What is Biomass? Biomass is regarded as being ‘carbon neutral’ as it absorbs the same amount of carbon during growth as it releases when burned. The project did not quite go to plan having to wait until the winter storms had passed, although we had no real difficulties, we could not open trenches. Into the trenches was put the highly insulated pipe at a depth of 600mm and the sides kept collapsing in the wet weather.  The before picture on the left is showing some of the interesting obstacles we found and the one on the right shows it all put back to how the jungle area after excavations. When the system was being installed we had plumbers, electricians, ground workers, builders, carpenters and men who did a bit of everything. All in all I can quickly count 22 different people, not all at the same time but sometimes very interesting as we had guest in the cottages. We shut the path behind the cottage and business was as usual, the work men kept a respectful distance, started late, finished early and did not even have radios.

Bio Mass100So how does the system work. The boilers first need to have their fuel, this come from our store via suction pipes spread over the floor. You can see from the picture the pallets are delivered via a lorry that is has the same appearance of an oil taker, however, the lorry blows the pellets in to the store. Our store can hold approx. 30 tons of pallets and each delivery is 14 ton. The picture to the left show the general system in that the two boilers ,in our case, heat large buffer tanks around the site which intern feed water to heat exchangers to give heating & hot water to the cottages, offices/stores and swimming pool complex.

We put as much redundancy, fail safes, as possible. we have two boilers so if one has problems we can cover most of the requirement. The pool house was left to give back up if the one boiler could not cope with demand. Also we put immersions in the buffers so that we also had these to hand. On the pump side we put two pump on each circuit to the cottages so that if one failed the cottages would not suffer.

cardinham woods3516008429_641950ab6a_bYou might ask why would we undertake such a project as this, especially when the guest cannot see the difference.


The whole idea of the system is that Glynn Barton has a zero carbon footprint. So we can show that we do not just talk about the Cornwall countryside but try to protect for the future. Our boilers do as all boilers produce carbon monoxide, Biomass is a carbon lean fuel producing a fraction of the emission’s of fossil fuels. The clever part of the whole process is that the pellets are produced from UK trees and when the trees grow they cancel out the carbon dioxide from the boilers and produce oxygen, they believe  more than equal but note prove yet. Any questions about our system or any of our green policies please feel free to call and ask for Steve, 01208 821104.