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"It's so nice I want to live here." - Alistair Fraser, The Telegraph

Be spoilt at our animal feeding time

"like a pig in mud"

Animal “Feed for Thought”

Family holidays are all about fun, laughter, experience and most importantly creating memories.

And how are memories created? From “in the moments”and personalisation. Here at Glynn Barton we do just that. With over 25 animals to feed, we encourage the children both young and old to come and say hello to the animals and feed them their morning breakfast. With so many different animals here including donkeys, goats, pigs, Highland cows, sheep and chickens (I even spotted a pheasant) the children can enjoy a variety of interactions and education about our family animals and their backgrounds. A leisurely trip around the site ends with the children getting to collect an egg each from Mother Hen, which they get to take home! AND a certificate to show our appreciation and say thank you for being our special helpers.

Watch this space for our animal “meet the team” blogs, so your children can familairise themselves and get to know our animals even before they meet them! With a moo moo here and a baa baa there …

In the meantime here are some special memories we wanted to share with you. We can’t wait to help you create yours!

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