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"It's so nice I want to live here." - Alistair Fraser, The Telegraph

Relaxing, all year round,

child, toddler, & baby friendly holidays

in breathtaking Cornish surroundings

Disabled Holidays

Glynn barton also cater for disabled holidays in Cornwall. This Access Statement is a guide to help those less able bodied persons decide if our cottages and facilities are suitable for their holiday requirements. If you would like any further information regarding accessibility, please contact us on 01208 821104.

Glynn Barton Cottages is a converted range of farm buildings on a sloping site dating from circa 1810 with 8 self catering cottages ranging from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms – the conversions have taken place over a number of years, during which were no accessibility regulations in force, but they did comply with any building regulation requirements at the time. We are situated almost a mile down a private drive approx. 3 miles from Bodmin so having your own transport is a necessity. Access to all but one of the cottages is from the front of the building.

We welcome able bodied and disabled customers and have been able to create wheelchair access in some areas, but due to structural constrictions and sloping terrain, the conversions do not cater for the specific needs of all disabled people. Most of our cottages do not have access for wheel chair users, but Bullrun, Tackroom and Old Stables will be suitable in some cases. All distances are from the car park and obviously certain facilities are closer to some of the cottages – all distances are approximate.

We have a detailed website – www.glynnbarton.co.uk – which has descriptions and images of all the cottages and facilities. It also has tariff and availability as well as details of what we provide.

Bookings and enquires can be made through the website, by e-mail or telephone.
Our confirmation letter has directions, arrival information and additional information on Glynn Barton Cottages.

  • Directions are sent to guests on confirmation.
  • There is no bus service to Glynn Barton Cottages
  • Bodmin Parkway railway station is 3 miles away with a taxi rank.
  • Please contact us if you would like to hire wheelchairs or other aides and we will provide prices.
  • Please contact us if you would like shopping to be delivered, or we have an honesty shop on site which stocks
  • frozen meals as well as local food products.

Arrival & car parking
We have parking for 9 cars and the car park has a sloping tarmac surface.
There are trolleys to take luggage to the cottages and assistance can be provided if required.

Public areas

The office is situated behind the cottages and is 50m from the car park. It is accessed by a 1m wide slate chipped path and 14 wooden steps with banisters on each side – the steps are 108cm wide, 18cm high and 36cm deep. The door to the office has a 7cm threshold and is 103cm wide and 180cm high with a left hand hinge.

The laundry room, shop and bin room are situated in front of the cottages and are 60m from the car park .
There is 1 step of 8cm into the room. It has wooden barn door hinged on right. The doorway is 84cm wide and 184cm high. There are 4 front loading washing machines and 2 front loading tumble dryers (the dryers have meters which take 20p and £1 coins).

The shop is in between the laundry and bin room. There is 1 step of 7cm. It has a wooden barn door hinged on right. The doorway is 90cm wide and 180cm high. Inside are 2 tall freezers and 3 under counter freezers stocked with frozen meals. On the counter is a selection of local food products such as crisps, jams, condiments etc. The shop is operated on an honesty basis with a price list in each cottage.

The bin room has a step of 5cm. A wooden barn door hinged on right. The doorway is 92cm wide and 181cm high. Inside there are a number of bins as well as containers for recycling.

Indoor Facilities

Swimming pool
The pool is situated behind the cottages 30m from the car park – the first 16m are up a steep tarmac slope and a 8cm step into the barn containing the soft play room. There is sprung gate with 2 granite steps – 2cm and 15cm before the swimming pool entrance. Each cottage has a key for the pool with double doors each 89cm wide and 198cm high. The pool area has non-slip tiles with a wooden changing room (door has 7cm step and is 72cm wide). There is also a toilet with doorway 70cm wide and 181cm high. There are 2 sets of wide sliding doors (236cm wide) to a secure garden area.
There is an emergency alarm.

Soft play area
The soft play area is situated in an open barn with a 8cm step behind the cottages and is 22m from the car park with the first 16m up a steep slope. There is a step of 20cm. The door is hinged on the right and is 75cm wide. The room has a custom made soft play area for children under 5 with a seating area for adults.

The playroom is situated in the barn in front of the cottages by the Millhouse cottage and is 78m from the car park. There are 8 granite steps of varying dimensions (height from 10-19cm), width from 56-100cm with a metal handrail on the right. The door has an 18cm threshold and the door is 76cm wide and is hinged on the right.

Outside facilities

The playground is situated 50m from the cottages. The first 20m are up a steep concrete slope and then along an uneven flat grass path. The playground is enclosed and has a 14cm step and 95cm wide gate hinged on the right. The ground is covered with play bark.

Toddler ride-on area
The toddler ride-on area is situated by the entrance to the swimming pool and has a sprung gate with 2 granite steps – 2cm and 15cm.

Tennis court
The tennis court is situated 80m from the cottages up the hill. The first 40m is up a steep concrete slope and the remainder up a steep grass slope.

All 8 cottages have been converted from old farm buildings and so a number if doorways are not suitable for wheelchair users or tall people.

This cottage has its own parking space on a sloping hardcore surface 14m from the door. There are 2 granite steps 22cm high, 30cm deep and 94cm wide with fencing on the left side leading to a granite slab 1m x 1.6m. Then a right turn to front door with 13cm step and 5cm threshold and is hinged on the left. The inner hallway leads to bathroom with door 73cm wide and living/kitchen area 70cm wide. The bedrooms have doors 72cm wide.

This cottage is 20m from the car park and is all on one level. There is a 20cm step into the cottage – the door is split and is 76cm wide and 212cm high and hinged on the right. The door into the inner hallway is 74cm wide. The bedroom doors are 73cm wide – the second bedroom has bunk beds. The bathroom door is 70cm wide and the bath has a shower over. There is a separate toilet with a 72cm door – the room is 82cm by 160cm

This cottage is 24m from the car park and is on one level. The front door is 80cm wide and 192cm high and is hinged on the right. The door to the bedroom is 74cm wide. The bathroom is accessed by 2 doors both 72cm wide.

This cottage is 30m from the car park and is all on one level. There is a 1 cm threshold into the cottage and the doorway is 78cm wide and 195cm high and is hinged on the left. Both bedrooms are off the living/kitchen area and have doors 73cm wide. The bathroom is accessed through a 75cm wide door, then a turn to the right and another 70cm door; the bath has a shower over.

Old Stables
This cottage is 43m from the car park and is on one level. There is a ramp to the front door which is a double door with each half being 84cm wide with primary door hinged on the left. The doorway is only 168cm high. Off the main room is a twin room with door 73cm wide and a double room with door 74cm wide. There is an inner hallway with 74cm door and then another double with 74cm door and a bathroom with 74cm door.

The Hayloft is 50m from the car park and is on 2 levels. There are 2 steps of 10cm and 19cm and then a threshold of 5cm – the doorway is 76cm wide and 187cm high and is hinged on the left. The bathroom door is 72cm wide and there is a bath with shower over. The twin room door is 70cm. The double room door is 70cm wide and has an en-suite shower room with a 10cm step and 67cm wide door and the walk-in shower has a 13 step lip.

There are 12 stairs with a banister on the right. The steps are 80cm wide, 20cm high and 26cm deep. The twin bedroom upstairs has a doorway 73cm wide and living/kitchen area.

The Granary is 60m from the car park and is on 2 levels. There is a 15cm high granite step and then a 12cm threshold. The door is 74cm wide and 194cm high and is hinged on the right. The twin bedroom on left has a 66cm doorway and the double room on right a 72cm doorway. The shower room is accessed from both bedrooms with 66cm wide doors. The walk-in shower has a 3cm lip and is 70cm x 110cm.
There are 13 steps with banister on left side. The steps are 78cm wide, 19cm high and 26cm deep.
Upstairs there is a bathroom with 2 doorways of 66cm and living/kitchen area.

This cottage is 66m from the car park and is on 2 levels. There is a granite step to the front door, 18cm high and 100cm wide and 42cm deep. And then a 12cm step to the door. The door is 80cm wide and 180cm high and is hinged on the right. Off the hall is a shower room with 63cm wide door. The walk-in shower has a 8cm lip and is 1.1cmx1m. Both bedrooms have 74cm doors.

There is a turning staircase of 13 steps. The steps are 20cm high, 85cm wide and vary in depth from 24cm-85cm. Banister on right. Upstairs the bathroom is accessed through a 64cm wide door and then right turn through another 64cm door.

Inside all the cottages
A folder containing all the relevant information on the cottages, emergency details and local information.
The livingkitchen areas have laminate floors with loose rugs with moveable furniture. The bedrooms are carpeted. Central heating with controls in each cottage. Freeview TV with DVD and video – all have remote controls. All the televisions have teletext. Radio/CD player. The kitchens all have dishwashers, electric ovens and 4 hobs ( under counter apart from Old Stables which is at counter level) , electric kettle, microwave, refrigerator with freezer compartment. The worktops are 92cm high.

The baths have grab handles and there is wainscoting in the bathrooms to a height of 120cm with strong colour definition.

  • The duvets and pillows are feather with cotton sheets and towels.
  • All our beds are standard single (91cmx191cm) and standard double (137cmx198cm).
  • Power points and light switches are at sensible heights. Outside lights.
  • All the cottages are non-smoking.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Guide and assistance dogs are welcome at Glynn Barton.

Gardens & grounds
Our grounds and gardens extend to 13 sloping acres with fields containing animals and woodland with paths

Animal feeding
Our guests are welcome to accompany us for animal feeding on weekdays (and stroke some of them). This means walking on sloping and uneven ground which can be muddy and slippery. We do recommend Wellington boots.Everyone must wash their hands after touching the animals.

Additional information
We have a strong signal for all mobile networks and there is a payphone in the bin room.
Emergency information is provided in every cottage.

Contact information
Address: Glynn Barton Cottages, Cardinham, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 4AX
Telephone: 01208 821104
E-mail: glynn.barton@btconnect.com
Website: www.glynnbarton.co.uk
Hours of operation: The office is not permanently manned but messages are picked up Mon-Fri 9a.m-5p.m
Local equipment hire companies: J&P Supplies 01726 74156
Local transport numbers: Parnells Taxis ( with accessible taxi ) 01208 78788
Trains 08457 000125 and Buses 0845 8505556.
Bodmin Tourist Information: 01208 76616

Future plans
We are in the process of improving the accessibility of our website and will provide all the information in alternative formats.